Power Tumbling

Power tumbling is where an athlete performs multiple somersaults and skills down a sprung track. We offer both recreation and competitive power tumbling.

We offer different level classes to accommodate participants from absolute beginners through to athletes competing at New Zealand National Championship level.

Our recreation power tumblers train 1 hour a week, where our competitive tumblers train 2 sessions a week for a total of 4 hours. (Competitive tumbling is currently not on offer, though we are working hard to re-launch the class for 2020). 

Tumbling routines are made up of either 5 or 8 skills, linked together down a sprung track.

Our classes start at Beginner, and then move to Intermediate, Advanced and then Competitive if the athlete wishes to move into the competitive stream.

Anyone can join the beginner class, but only once coaches can see the gymnast is ready for the next class, are they invited to join the more advanced classes.

If an athlete is joining from another tumbling based sport or already has tumble experience, a testing session can be organised to check which class they are most suitable to enter.