Trampoline Recreation

Hamilton City Gymnastics offers Trampoline programmes for a variety of levels of experience.

Our recreation programme offer 1 hour long classes for absolute beginners, through to advanced recreation participants wanting to improve their basic trampoline skills.

We have two competition standard trampolines and one Double Mini Trampoline which give the participants the full trampoline experience.

With events and badge testing days offered throughout the year, trampolinists are kept engaged and working towards the next skill or event they're aiming for.

Trampoline  Competitive

Trampolinists enter the competitive programme by means of a trial at profile testing day in Term 2 or 3, or via invitation by the Trampoline Programme Manager.

The competitive programme has over 30 athletes who compete both locally, nationally and internationally via the National competitive pathway set out by Gymnastics NZ.

If you feel your child is ready for the competitive pathway, please contact the trampoline programme manager for more information.

Coming soon!

Coming soon!