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Our remaining events for our Gym For All members are listed below.  Hamilton City Gymnastics club members will receive an email invite at least one month prior to the event.  Full event information for other clubs is provided to your club administrator.

Gym For All events allow gymnasts the opportunity to perform the skills learnt during term time in a fun and rewarding environment.  Events cater to ALL levels of recreation gymnast from beginners participating in one class a week to advanced gymnasts coming several days a week.

We look forward to hosting you at our next event!

Hamilton City Gymnastics Incentive Awards Day - 21st November 2020

Gymnastics, Trampoline and Aerobics.

Hamilton City Gymnastics Incentive Awards Day 2020

All Gym Advance and Gym Plus gymnasts are invited to participate in our Incentive Awards day..


The Incentive Award programme is designed Gymnastics New Zealand.

There are 7 levels that gymnasts can work towards in gymnastics, aerobics and trampoline.

Gymnasts work in class time towards achieving skills and routines required by their level. This programme is fun based but also teaches the fundamental gymnastics skills through badge achievement.

Awards are gained through a testing process where gymnasts are assessed by qualified GNZ judges. Activities assessed on the HCG Awards day include:

  • Conditioning – Development of strength, agility and flexibility

  • Skills – A cross section of skills on all apparatus

  • Routines – Skills sequences performed on various apparatus




Saturday 21st November 2020

11am - 1:00pm


Hamilton City Gymnastics members

To accept the invitation and have the entry fee charged to your account please click on the accept button in the email invitation that is sent to you.  The entry fee must be paid by the 18th November 2020.  We order the badges from Gymnastics NZ so your child will receive their certificate and badge at the GFA End of Year Display or in the week following.


All entries must be received by the closing date Thursday 12th November.

If you have any questions please contact .

We look forward to seeing you there!!!

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