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Our remaining events for our Gym For All members are listed below.  Hamilton City Gymnastics club members will receive an email invite at least one month prior to the event.  Full event information for other clubs is provided to your club administrator.

Gym For All events allow gymnasts the opportunity to perform the skills learnt during term time in a fun and rewarding environment.  Events cater to ALL levels of recreation gymnast from beginners participating in one class a week to advanced gymnasts coming several days a week.

We look forward to hosting you at our next event!

Hamilton City Gymnastics Spring Festival - 20th September 2020

Gymnastics, Trampoline, Tumbling and Aerobics.

Hamilton City Gymnastics Spring Festival - Sunday 20th September 2020

All gymnasts are invited to participate in our Spring Festival.


A fun opportunity for gymnasts of ANY level to participate in a gymnastics event.  For our GymFun and GymAdvance members there is no competition and no scores - gymnasts receive ribbons from our coaches at each apparatus they complete showing their achievement. 

This format allows gymnasts to the opportunity to show parents, family and friends (note if we are still at level 2 spectators will be limited to one per participant) what they have been learning and have the experience of a gymnastics event.  

Gymnasts will move around apparatus similar to how their normal session runs, with everyone getting a turn to show the routine or skills they practice in class time.

GymPlus gymnasts will receive scores and have the opportunity to compete for medals as well as gaining a ribbon at each apparatus.


Sunday 20th September

The timetable will not be available until entries close, however the session for each group will be no longer than 2 hours.  It will be a morning start time.


Hamilton City Gymnastics members

To accept the invitation and have the entry fee charged to your account please click on the accept button in the email invitation that is sent to you on 5th September.  The entry fee must be paid by the 17th September 2020 for your child to receive their certificate on the day.

Other Club Members

All entry information has been sent to your club administrator.  Please contact them for information on how you can enter.

All entries must be received by the closing date Saturday 12th September.

If you have any questions please contact .

We look forward to seeing you there!!!

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