Gym For All events allow all members in our gymnastics, trampoline, AeroGym and tumbling recreational programmes the opportunity to perform the skills learnt during term time in a fun and rewarding environment.  Events cater to ALL levels of recreation gymnast from beginners participating in one class a week to advanced gymnasts coming several days a week.  Hamilton City Gymnastics club members will receive an email invite at least one month prior to the event.  Full event information for other clubs is provided to your club administrator.

We look forward to hosting you at our next event!

GfA Events

Upcoming Events:

Winter Festival 2021

Sunday 4th July

click here for details!

Winter Festival 2021

Sunday 4th July

Invitations to other clubs for the Winter Festival have already been sent!


Invitations for HCG club members have been sent - please check your inbox and accept the invitation if your child wishes to take part.



GfA gymnasts will have the opportunity to compete in:

  • gymnastics

  • aerogym

  • tumbling

  • trampoline /  DMT

HCG gymnasts will start working on skills and routines during their term 2 classes.