GfA Events

Gym For All events allow all members in our gymnastics, trampoline, AeroGym and tumbling recreational programmes the opportunity to perform the skills learnt during term time in a fun and rewarding environment.  Events cater to ALL levels of recreation gymnast from beginners participating in one class a week to advanced gymnasts coming several days a week.  Hamilton City Gymnastics club members will receive an email invite at least one month prior to the event.  Full event information for other clubs is provided to your club administrator.

We look forward to hosting you at our next event!

Upcoming Events:

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Ribbon Day 2022

Sunday 10th April

Sadly due to staff shortages we have no choice but to cancel our Term 1 event, Ribbon Day.

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Winter Festival 2022

Sunday 26th June

Hamilton City Gymnastics has the Winter Festival scheduled for Sunday 26 June.

I’m sorry to announce that due to circumstances out of our control we are unable to proceed with the HCG Winter Festival this year and the event has been cancelled.


HCG realises a lot of clubs and gymnasts have been looking forward to this event and have not made this decision lightly.

For some smaller clubs this is an opportunity to participate at a larger club with equipment unlike their usual practice space.

Therefore if you are interested in visiting HCG for a training session or in house club competition or a fun special something, we would like to offer hire age of our facility to any club that is interested.

This is available on Sundays only. Please contact me for more information if this may be of interest to your club


We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and wish your gymnasts all the best in their other competitions this season.