Aero is a fun, fast and high energy sport!  Routines combine strength, fitness, jumps, leaps, spins and gymnastics skills performed to music.  Routines with team-mates also include partner and group acrobatic skills to add the wow factor.

Hamilton City Gymnastics started a competitive squad in 2019.  If you are 9 years and over get in touch with us to find out how you can join.   Our competitive athletes train 2 days a week.

We also have classes for gymnasts just getting started or who want to work on fitness and strength only:

AEROGYM - WEDS 3:45 - 5:15PM

AeroGym combines floor based gymnastics skills, leaps, jumps and turns, strength skills, acrobatics,, flexibility and fitness training into a high energy, fun class.

Gymnasts will put these skills into aerobic gymnastics routines ready to compete at regional competitions if they choose to or to learn just for fun!

For more details contact the Aerobics programme manager.

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