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Who is Hamilton City Gymnastics? Click on the "Our History" link below to learn all about where we've come from to make us who we are today.





Below see a full list of our team - Management & Admnistration, Coaching and Committee.

Management and Administration Team

Coaching Team

Erica Third

Center Manager


Jenny Morgan

Artistic Programme Manager and Women's Artistic Head Coach


Rachel Harvey

Aerobics Programme Manager


Rachael Sadler

Trampoline and Tumble Programme Manager & Trampoline Head Coach


Stacey Gemmell

Senior Office Administrator


Susan Lambert

GFA Programme Manager


Robyn Walker

Community Liason and Men's Artistic Coach


Tash and Carmel



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GFA Gymnastics Coaches

Susan Lambert, Erica Third, Erika Dueree, Lafayette Wright, Lauren Poole, Natalie Cornell, Robyn Walker, Rachel Harvey, Selena Timings, Milena Popinhak Scariot.

Women's Artistic Coaches

Aleisha Haworth, Brenna Leong, Erika Duerre, Erin Killion, Georgia Clarke, Holly Davies, Jenny Morgan, Jordyn Roberts, Karen Mowbray, Keelin Leong, Lauren Poole, Madi Hughes, Milena Popinhak Scariot, Natalie Cornell, Paige Cox, Stacey Bond.

Men's Artistic Coaches

Keegan Greene, Lauren O'Sullivan, Michael Cole, Robyn Walker, Ryan Davies, Ryan Moffitt.

Trampoline & Tumble Coaches

Carolyn Wallis, Devin Ng, Josie Goodman, Mikayla Smith, Perrie Macdonald, Rachael Sadler, Sarah Stone, Sarah van Munster, Selena Timings, 

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President - Robert Moir

Executive Officer - Julia Hoad

Treasurer - Karen Higginbottom

Committee Member - Rachel Simpson

Committee Memeber - Judi Gallagher

Committee Member - Position Vacant

Committee Memeber - Position Vacant

Committee Member - Position Vacant

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