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About Us

Who is Hamilton City Gymnastics? Click on the "Our History" link below to learn all about where we've come from to make us who we are today.





Below see a full list of our team - Management & Admnistration, Coaching and Committee.

Management and Administration Team


Susan Lambert

GfA Programme Manager


Stacey Gemmell

Senior Office Manager


Jenny Morgan

Artistic Programme Manager

Robyn and Keegan_edited.jpg

Robyn Walker

Rach S.jpg

Rach Sadler

Trampoline, Tumbling and Aerobics Programme Manager

Coaching Team

Gym For All Coaches

Abbey Smith, Ashlee Newman, Cade Rowlingson, Christina Woods, Deacan Brill, Frankie Lowrie, Georgia Clarke, Hannah Wilton, Isla McCabe, Jack West, Keegan Greene, Kiera Wallis, Lauren Poole, Michael Cole, Milena Popinhak, Robyn Walker, Selena Timings, Simone Dowling, Sophie Stables, Susan Lambert.

Men's Artistic Coaches

Cade Rowlingson, Frankie Lowrie, Keegan Greene, Michael Cole, Robyn Walker, Ryan Moffitt, Tommy Rowlands.

Aerobics Coaches

Selena Timings, Hannah Wilton, Ashlee Newman

Women's Artistic Coaches

Aleisha Haworth, Christina Woods, Georgia Clarke, Holly Davies, Isla McCabe, Jenny Morgan, Lauren Poole, Milena Popinhak.

Trampoline & Tumbling Coaches

Bria Duncan, Carolyn Wallis, Deacan Brill, Jack West, Kiera Wallis, Rachael Sadler, Sally Potts, Sarah Stone, Selena Timings.

President - Lou Beer

Vice President - Vacant

Executive Officer - Vacant

Treasurer - Karen Higinbottom

Committee Member - Andrea Olney

Committee Member - Wayne Gemmell

Committee Member - Carolyn Lundquist

Committee Member - Jane Conlon

Committee Member - Rachael Mitchell

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